Energy saving

As a rule of thumb you will reduce you lighting energy costs by 60% after you install LED office lighting, when compare to fluorescent fittings. Our new DH-FP66-25W flat panel light, further reduces power consumption by an additional 37.5% when compared to 40w LED lights.

Why does this matter?

All our LED lights are high quality products with long working lives, over 20 years when used in an office. Over the working life time, our 25w DH-FP66-25W flat panel light will reduce energy consumption by 2850 kWh* or save £356.25** PER LIGHT at today's energy costs.

How many lights do you have and what will you save?

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* 600x600 Fluorescent lights with 4 x 18w tubes = 72w + ballast 10w = 82W. The DH-FP66-25W light at 25w will save 57w per hour, for 2500 hours per year for 20 years = a saving of 2850 kWh.
** at 12.5 p/kWh this saves £356.25 per light.